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Locally Grown Flowers & Veggies

Available for You-Pick and Delivery


What do we do?

Well, as small farmers we do A LOT! But we think you'll be most interested in coming out to visit our You-Pick Flower Farm!​But first, where are we located? Just south of Shenandoah, Iowa a mile west of Highway 59. You won't miss it, but just in case you do - look for the two big Sycamore trees by the house. The flowers are just east of the big trees!

Meet the Farmer

Jessa Bears



Jessa Bears, the proud owner of Sycamore Ridge (bought sometime around 2014 or 2015 – she's a bit fuzzy on the details), is a flower farmer, goat wrangler, and avid gardener extraordinaire. With a penchant for colorful blooms and fresh veggies, Jessa has turned her farm into a vibrant oasis.

Her two trusty sidekicks, Luna the Heeler and Myla the Great Dane, add a bit of excitement to farm life. Luna, known for her "security services" (especially when strange men show up), and Myla, the giant goofball who thinks she's a lapdog, keep things interesting.

Whether she's tending to her goats or laughing at Myla's latest antics, Jessa brings humor and heart to everything she does at Sycamore Ridge

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