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You Pick Flowers

Create your own beautiful bouquet

If you love spending time outdoors partaking in the beauty of nature, you’ll simply love all that Sycamore Ridge Small Farm LLC has to offer. We have NINE 50 foot rows of zinnias, sunflowers, cosmos, and more to pick from!

The flowers are just getting planted, but you can schedule a farm visit anytime!

Please check our Facebook page for the most recent updates or e-mail us!

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You Pick Specials

What you need to know!

Picking Flowers

Pricing: Flowers are priced by container. We will have a variety of sizes available to meet everyone's budget starting at $5 Fist Fulls on Friday!

We ask that each guest (or couple/family) purchase at least one container of flowers each visit.

Parking: Parking is located in the grassy area right as you pull into the field.

Photoshoots: Private photo shoots are available. Please contact us in advance to set this up.

Payment: We accept cash, credit, debit card, or PayPal.

Expect bees and other bugs to be out and about. Remember, they aren't looking for trouble, but be aware of your surroundings and try not to disturb them.


What to expect

After you check in and select your vase, get your clippers and water, it's time to go pick!

We have a variety of flowers including zinnias, sunflowers, and cosmos. Also a few "fillers" like basil and mint. All of the colors you can imagine! You'll have plenty to choose from!

There's a bit of an art to cutting your flowers, but don't worry we will show you the ropes. We want your bouquet to last as long as possible, so starting with healthy stems is the first step!


Farm shoes - at least something comfy for walking in a field!

Clippers/scissors - but we have some too if you forget

Sunscreen and summer attire - the flowers are in full sun

Do not bring:

Pets - unfortunately, there's just too much risk involved with having visiting animals on the farm

A full bladder - we do not have restrooms available at this time

Rowdy kids - this is meant to be a relaxing experience for everyone. 


Video Updates

Keep up with Sycamore Ridge on our YouTube channel. We post a variety of content about the flower farm, critters, garden, and a bit of everything.

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