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Garden Starter Kits

Sycamore Ridge is offering Garden Starter Kits to get you started on the right foot for your vegetable or flower garden! Select from different levels to meet your garden and FAMILY needs!

Fresh Vegetables


Imagine receiving everything you need to start your own vegetable garden: the plants, the seeds, the fertilizer, and the confidence! The plants are grown locally, following organic practices, the seeds are selected from reputable distributors, the fertilizer is natural and locally sourced, and the confidence comes from having a gardener you know and trust to ask questions!

Organic Vegetables

The Nitty Gritty

Starting January 2023 you may purchase your Garden Starter Kit from our Shop. Review all of the options of each package carefully and determine which kit will meet your needs!

Plants will come ready to transplant right into your garden. Your kit will be available for pick up at our annual farm plant sale in May, at Shepherds Frock in Sidney (date tbd), or delivered for a small fee. 

Organic Vegetables


Why do I have to order so early?

Ordering so early in the year is mutually beneficial! You can rest easy knowing your garden planning is complete - start looking up tomato sauce recipes instead maybe? The farm benefits by having those funds early enough to order seeds and supplies and keep the farm funded during the off-season! Win-win!

What kind of plants and seeds?

These will primarily be varieties we have grown in our garden - heirlooms and hybrids that perform well. We might have a few fun ones we haven't done yet, but trust that we have done our research to assure the plants will perform in our bizarre Iowa weather. We will send out a list of the varieties we are growing when you order. You will get the specified types, but varieties are up to us when filling orders.

How big will the plants be?

The plants will be big enough to safely transplant under normal conditions. You can never plan the weather, but the plants will be the size we would plant in our own garden. If there are special instructions they will be included! That's the joy of this - you get a little guidance along the way.

Where's this stuff grown?

Plants are all started on the farm. I use my spare bedroom and a very small greenhouse to get things started! It's a tight fit, but it all comes together!

I hate tomatoes, but love peppers! Can I get those instead?

One substitution is allowed per kit, please specify when placing your order.

Do you use chemicals?

No! We do not use any chemicals in our gardening processes. If bugs aren't in your garden, you aren't part of the ecosystem!

This doesn't answer my question at all!

E-mail us at

How do I order my Garden Starter Kit?

You can check out whats in each kit here or place your order in our Shop!

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